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Degrees & Programs

The Music Department provides superior training for students interested in pursuing a professional music career, including preparation for such positions as performer, music therapist or research scholar. It also provides opportunities for persons choosing music as a minor or majoring in other fields to develop special musical abilities in an atmosphere that focuses upon the individual student's abilities, needs and interests.

The Music Department feels that it is most important to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become more musically literate and to foster in them a lifelong appreciation for music. The department endeavors to approach all musical learning within the context of the totality of all knowledge, integrating the musical experience with outside learning and knowledge. As a part of its outreach program, it provides private instruction and music therapy sessions to individuals in the community ranging from pre-school to adults in the Queens Music Academy.

The Music Department seeks to provide opportunities to hear a variety of live musical performances of superior quality by University ensembles and individual majors, as well as groups from the community and professional performing world. Through its contacts with local professional groups, arrangements can be made for students to study any standard orchestral instrument, including those not listed specifically in this section.




All university programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music are obligated to provide health and safety-related information to student musicians. The Queens University of Charlotte faculty and staff in the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance take this charge seriously, and encourage all students to familiarize themselves with the information presented in our Musician's Health and Safety Information Package.  

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