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The study of Philosophy and Religion is worthwhile both for the intrinsic value of inquiring into what is best in thought and living, and also for the practical value of the intellectual habits one gains. Literally meaning "love of wisdom," philosophy is the inquiry into fundamental questions that humans ask: What is the good life? What is most real? How can humans know? What is sound reasoning? How do humans create and discover meaning in life?

In keeping with Queens' Presbyterian tradition, we recognize the importance of "thinking the faith." The academic study of philosophy and religion together focus on the "turning of the soul" and how communities as well as other religious traditions understand that "turning" as it becomes a basis for a good life.

Students of philosophy and religion significantly enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as their communication skills. The broad inquiry into patterns of thought strengthens problem-solving ability and helps the student attain a depth of thought that is invaluable for a wide variety of graduate studies and careers.

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