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Minor in Pre-Ministry and Pre-Professional Program


(Interdisciplinary minor housed in the Philosophy-Religion Department)

With Queens' connection to the Presbyterian Church (USA), its motto "Not to be served, but to serve," its major in philosophy and religion, and the number of students having a strong interest in religion and service, the pre-ministry minor and pre-professional program offers a program of study to prepare students for seminary.  Department faculty will work to facilitate excellent pre-professional internships for interested students.


RELG 205  Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures
RELG 206  New Testament
RELG 210  World Religions
PHIL 320  Philosophy of Religion

Choose two from: 

Any 300-level RELG courses

Choose one from: 

BUSN 333 Principles of Management
COMM 101 Intro to Communication Studies
COMM 200 Public Speaking
COMM 306: Integrated Strategic Communication
PSYC 305  Introduction to Counseling
SOCI 203  Principles of Sociology
SOCI  340  Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Total:  21 hours

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