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Religion Courses

RELG 205 Old Testament: Hebrew Scriptures
The Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures: Introduction to the nature of biblical writings, to methods of Bible study, and to the history, literature and faith of the people of Israel as seen in the Old Testament. 3 hrs.

RELG 206 The New Testament
The New Testament: Introduction to the nature of biblical writings to methods of Bible study, and to the history, literature and faith of the early Christian community as seen in the New Testament. 3 hrs.

RELG 210 Introduction to World Religions
Introduction to World Religions: A study of the religions of the world, including prehistoric beginnings. Study will include religions indigenous to North America, Africa, India, China, Japan and the Middle East. Major emphasis will be on Judaism, Christianity and Islam as religions of the West; and Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism as religions of the East. For Hayworth students, this course satisfies the International Issues Requirement. 3 hrs.

RELG 306 Prophetic Religion
Prophetic Religion: The prophetic movement in Israel; context and message of major Hebrew prophets and selected minor figures; significance of the prophetic style within present-day society. Prerequisite: RELG 205 or permission of the instructor. 3 hrs.

RELG 312 The First Christians
The First Christians: This class examines the experience of the first generations of Christians, from the age of Jesus and the apostles to the end of the Roman Empire. Some of the topics considered in this class include: the search for the "historical Jesus;" the relationships among the Christian movement, Judaism, and Greco-Roman culture; the development of Christian beliefs; the relationship between Judaism and Christianity; the experience of persecution and martyrdom; and the benefits - and costs - of the expansion of Christianity. 3 hrs.

RELG 323 Renaissance & Reformation
Renaissance and Reformation: A study of the European World during the revolution of the Renaissance and Reformation. While the course focuses on the great cultural and religious issues of the time, it also examines the social, political and economic dimensions of these two revolutionary movements. Prerequisite: one Philosophy or Religion course, or HIST 201. Students may elect this course as HIST 306. 3 hrs.

RELG 325 Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Philosophy: This course examines key issues in environmental philosophy including the
philosophical nature of the environment, environmental ethics (moral obligations to animals and ecosystems), environmental justice, environmental continental philosophy, and environmental aesthetics. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to critically think about and articulate positions on these issues. 3 hrs.

RELG 343 Reading Paul's Letters
Other People's Mail: Reading Paul's Letters: A study of the New Testament letters attributed to the Apostle Paul. The approach will combine literary analysis with a sociohistorical investigation of the early Christian communities addressed in these writings. Pre-requisite: RELG206. 3 hrs.

RELG 344 Christian Ethics
Christian Ethics: Historical and systemic examination of the issues in Christian ethical thought and of the problems of Christian norms for action, with special attention to major contemporary Christian theorists. Recommended: A course in New Testament. 3 hrs.

RELG 345 Religion in America
Religion in America: Historical analysis of American leaders and movements in religion, with special attention to continuing social and theological problems. Students may elect this course as HIST 345. 3 hrs.

RELG 346 Chinese Philosophy & Religion
Chinese Philosophy and Religion: This course examines the work of China's most important philosophical and religious thinkers: Confucius, Laozi, Mencius, Zhuangzi, Mozi, and HanFeizi. The course includes a study of Daoist religion and Chinese Buddhism. Students will become familiar with and will learn to critically engage the thought of ancient China. Students may elect this course as PHIL 346. Prerequisite: PHIL 203 or RELG 210. 3 hrs.

RELG 347 Jesus in Ancient & Modern Media
Jesus in Ancient and Modern Media: A study of the figure of Jesus of Nazareth as portrayed in early Christian literature (including canonical and non-canonical gospels), as well as in film and other contemporary media. Students will also explore questions about the historical Jesus in light of ancient and modern depictions of him. Prerequisite: RELG206. 3 hrs.

RELG 348 The Problem of Evil
The Problem of Evil: This course explores the various response by major religions to the problem of evil. How do theologians make sense of a world where thousands may die from natural disasters in Africa or elsewhere, where a Holocaust, genocide, and ethnic cleansing seem more and more common, and where innocent children suffer and die from diseases like cancer. Specifically, the course looks at Buddhist and Jewish (among others) and especially Christian responses to natural and moral evil, and examines classic and contemporary answers to the theodicy question: if God is good, and God created the world, where did evil come from? Readings are from the Bible, novels, autobiographies, movies, and theological
texts. Prerequisite: One philosophy or religion class, or consent of the instructor. 3 hrs.

RELG 350 Directed Readings
Directed Readings: Faculty-supervised study of an approved topic in religion through selected readings. To be evaluated through a weekly meeting with the instructor and a comprehensive paper. Open to majors in the junior or senior year, with permission of the department. 1-3 hrs.

RELG 351 Topics in World Religion
Topics in World Religion: The specific topic of this course will change, but it will usually focus on one of the world's major religions, like Islam, Hinduism, or a comparison of several world religions in courses like "Jesus and Buddha." Prerequisite: RELG 210. Repeatable for a total of 12 hrs. 3 hrs.

RELG 352 Topics in Sacred Scripture
Topics in Sacred Scripture: The specific topic of this course will change, but it will focus on an in-depth study of a sacred scripture. An example might be a course in "Pauline Letters" or a study of the Qu'ran or the Bagavagit. Prerequisite: RELG 205, or RELG 206, or RELG 210. Repeatable for a total of 12 hrs. 3  hrs.

RELG 353 Studies in Religion Culture & Ethic
Studies in Religion Culture and Ethics: The specific topic of this course will change, but it will focus on the intersections of Religion, Culture, and Ethics, broadly defined. Examples in this category might include "Religion and Literature," "Religion and Politics," and "Contemporary Spirituality." Repeatable for a total of 12 Hrs. Repeatable for a total of 12 hrs. 3 hrs.

RELG 400 Major Thinkers & Issues
Major Thinkers and Issues: An examination of major figures in the field, and their views and impacts on current issues in the field. Topics will vary. May be repeated four times with different topics. Open to junior and senior majors, and others by permission of the instructor and chair. This course fulfills the writing-intensive course requirement. Repeatable for a total of 12 hrs. 3 hrs.

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