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Model United Nations

A Model United Nations (MUN) simulates key parts of the United Nations, usually the General Assembly, Security Council or other multilateral body. After researching and preparing, students act the role of a country's U.N. ambassador or the head of a non-governmental organization (NGO) and engage in the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and policy-making. As delegates of countries or organizations to a MUN, students prepare draft resolutions, strategize with other members, and negotiate solutions to major issues through the context of U.N.-based rules of procedures. In other words, students get to "walk-the-walk" and "talk-the-talk" of the world's largest forum for addressing global issues.


  • Educate students in the global issues of the day, e.g. peace and war, the environment, and human rights
  • Educate students about how the U.N. operates, about its successes and its problems
  • Train students in public speaking, clear writing, negotiation, and the art of compromise
  • Develop in students a sense of global understanding and understanding of other cultures and their needs

Competencies and Value

Participating in a MUN provides a number of very useful skills to students that are sought after in the fields of business, government, non-governmental organizations, and education.

  • Communication: public speaking, writing, editing, interacting with others of different views
  • Creativity: generating ideas, problem-solving, interacting with others in constructive ways
  • Research: gathering information and data, analyzing, summarizing
  • Development & Organization: organize ideas and materials, meet deadlines, and address problems

The Queens Team

The MUN Team of Queens University of Charlotte attends the Southern Regional Model United Nations held yearly in Atlanta, Georgia. SRMUN is the largest regional MUN conference in the southeast. Queens won a "Distinguished Delegation" award for its simulation of China at the 2004 SRMUN Conference.

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