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Minor in International Studies


(Interdisciplinary - Housed in the Political Science Department)

Choose three of the following courses:

ANTH 201 Cultural Anthropology
HIST 202 The West and the World
POLS 250 Comparative Politics or POLS 270 World Politics
RELG 210 Introduction to World Religions

Choose two courses from the following:

ANTH 320 Anthropology of Latin America
BUSN 420 International Business
BUSN 454 International Trade
DRAM 304 Major Figures World Drama: Renaissance to Modern
ENGL 300 World Literature
ENGL 330 Women Writers
ENGL 322 Nineteenth Century British Literature
ENGL 329 The Literature of Modernism in Europe and America
FREN 360 Issues of French Life
FREN 370 Topics in French Studies
HIST 310 Ideas and Imagination in Europe: 1789 to the Present
HIST 330 British History
HIST 331 Russian History
HIST 332 Germany History
POLS 299 Model United Nations
POLS 301 European Politics
POLS 302 African Politics
POLS 303 Latin American Politics
POLS 304 Politics of the Middle East
POLS 306 Politics of Developing Countries
POLS 307 Asian Politics
RELG 349 Topics: Islam
RELG 349 Topics: Hinduism
RELG 349 Topics: Chinese Philosophy
SPAN 360 Issues in Hispanic Life

Total: 15 Hrs.

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