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Sociology Courses

SOCI 203 Principles of Sociology
Principles of Sociology: Basic concepts and principles of sociology; relationships and meaning of culture, society, personality and interaction; analysis of group structure and social organization. 3 hrs.

SOCI 250 Social Issues and Problems
Social Issues and Problems: A sociological consideration of critical issues in contemporary society relating to individual deviation, social disorganization and social change; emphasis on causal factors, societal response and proposed solutions. 3 hrs.

SOCI 303 Social Psychology
Social Psychology: Study of the behavior of the individual in society, including attitude formation and measurement, interpersonal perceptions and behavior of the individual in groups. Prerequisite: PSYC 201. Students may elect this course as PSYC 303. 3 hrs.

SOCI 304 Marriage & The Family
Marriage and The Family: A study of the family as a social institution; types of family life; changing familial roles in contemporary society. Prerequisite: Upperclass standing or permission of the instructor. 3 hrs.

SOCI 305 Urban Sociology
Urban Sociology: A study of the genesis, growth and spatial patterns of cities, including an analysis of the distribution and function of metropolises from an ecological perspective. Attention is also given to contemporary urban problems. 3 hrs.

SOCI 307 Research Methods
Research Methods: Introduction to research methods and statistical procedures in social science. Emphasis on mastering fundamental scientific and technological skills associated with literature review, research design, data collection, data analysis, data graphics, data interpretation, and scientific writing. Particular attention to program evaluation is included. Prerequisite: PSYC 201 or SOCI 203 and MATH 106. 3 hrs.

SOCI 307L Lab in Research Methods
Lab in Research Methods: A laboratory course focused on design, analysis, and reporting of a variety of social science experiments and program evaluation. Prerequisite: PSYC 201 or SOCI 203 and MATH 106. 1 hr.

SOCI 316 Women in Society
Women in Society: An analysis of the female in regard to sex-role stereotyping through an examination of the status of women, cross-cultural role differences and the dynamics of socialization. 3 hrs.

SOCI 330 Directed Individual Study
Directed Individual Study: Independent reading and investigation of the literature relevant to a specific topic in sociology. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, permission of the instructor, minimum GPA of 3.000. 1-3 hrs.

SOCI 340 Social Inequality
Social Inequality: An examination of systems of social stratification; theoretical perspectives on stratification and differentiation; the interaction of class and status; consequences of class differences in modern America. 3 hrs.

SOCI 345 Racial & Ethnic Minorities
Racial and Ethnic Minorities: Analysis of majority-minority group relations and social processes. Study of origins and consequences of prejudice. Focuses on experience of ethnic and racial minority groups in American culture. 3 hrs.

SOCI 350 Topics in Sociology
Topics in Sociology: Investigation of a single topic or area in sociology. The topic may vary from term to term. May be taken more than once with different subtitles. Repeatable for a total of 6 hrs. 3 hrs.

SOCI 360 Great Writings in Sociology
Great Writings in Sociology: This course allows students an opportunity to explore writings by prominent sociologists from the past and present, representing the three major theoretical paradigms: structural functionalism, social-conflict, and symbolic interactionism, as well as topics of interest in the discipline. No prerequisite. 3 hrs.

SOCI 400 Social Theory
An investigation of major classical and modern social theories about human interaction and the foundational elements of the social world. Emphasis will be placed on the application of theoretical concepts to a variety of contemporary research topics in sociology. Prerequisites: SOCI 203, SOCI 306 and SOCI 306L. 3hrs.

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