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World Languages Department

An Integrated Approach

Francophiles and those enamorados con español will find themselves at home in the World Languages Department. We are strong believers in the benefit of fluency in a language other than your own, viewing it as a key to understanding and fully participating in today's global economy.

Queens offers majors in French and Spanish, and a dual major which requires study of two languages. The department also offers minors in French, Spanish, Spanish for Health Care Professionals, and self-designed minors, and non-major courses in German and other languages depending on student interest. Majors may also earn licensure to teach in their chosen language(s) K-12 through coordination with the Cato School of Education.

Not only will students learn to speak a second (or third) language fluently, you will also study related cultures and literatures. This assures a holistic appreciation of cultural patterns in addition to linguistic excellence. 

International study is another critical component of the foreign language experience.  Participation in one of our many international study programs-from faculty-led study tours to language and cultural immersion programs-enriches your learning and is strongly encouraged. From France and Germany to Spain, Costa Rica or Peru, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself first-hand in language and culture.

Applying Your Foreign Language Degree

Queens foreign language majors go on to prestigious graduate schools and rewarding careers in a number of fields, notably in business, education, law, diplomacy and government service, public policy, academia, tourism, journalism and non-profits.



Department Contact:
Dr. Liliana Wendorff
Chair, World Languages Department

Words of the World
Volume I - May 2011
Volume II - April 2012
Volume III - April 2014
Volume IV - April 2015
Volume V - April 2016

Volume VI - April 2017

Words of the World is a student publication written in a language other than English.

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