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Great beginning

Alex Munday-Paul majored in Spanish and mathematics at Queens. Here's a look at what's happened recently, in her own words:

I graduated in May 2010, in July kissed my mom goodbye and got on the plane to Nicaragua to start my career as an International Educator. This has been the realization of my life-long goal and I definitely believe that Queens prepared me to achieve it.

Since I arrived in Nicaragua I have been teaching 8th grade algebra. At Queens I majored in mathematics and Spanish with a concentration in secondary education. I always wanted to teach abroad and was very interested in Latin America, so my double major and concentration was very useful.

I love living in Nicaragua. It is so beautiful here and almost every weekend I travel to a new place and discover another treasure. 

As for the teaching, I have wonderful students and I really like the school. I am teaching at the American Nicaraguan School which has roughly 70 students in grades K-12.  Most will go on to universities in the United States. They students are mainly Nicaraguan, but most of them have U.S. and Nicaraguan passports. I teach the diplomats' children. I also have quite a bit of students from all around the world: Croatia, Georgia, Netherlands, Austria, France, Korea, Mexico and many more countries.

This is the perfect place to begin my career; I have a lot of support and I am learning so much. Every day is a new opportunity. I have made some good friends and mentors here who help me along the way and understand the emotions that people go through when they move abroad. 

I also am excited to be in Latin America because I will be able to travel all over. I am planning a trip to Panama this year and next summer I am planning a trip to Peru and another country (to be determined) in South America.

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