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Ellie Ramm is studying eco-innovation.

Learning Spanish and doing the study abroad at Queens motivated me to continue my education overseas. When I first decided to apply to a graduate program I had two requirements. The first was it had to be an environmental program and the second was that it had to be outside the United States. Something I learned my freshman year was that travel and first hand experience enhance what we learn in the classroom while giving us unique and memorable experiences. My decision to continue studying was really out of necessity, with no work on the horizon except various odd jobs, I boarded the plane to the land of France.

My program is in the management of eco-innovation. I have studied methodologies for criteria assessments, sustainable development, among weaknesses and strengths in clean technologies to save the future. The best part of my program is the colleagues who come from all over the world. Students from Brazil, Romania, Iran, Italy, Sweden (and France) create more than one perspective on every topic we cover. I appreciate learning these new lessons and know that what I learn here about culture is also related to what I did in my language and culture studies at Queens. Both formations will push me to do well in some future job or situation.

My Queens experience study abroad in Costa Rica and time in the Spanish language program instilled in me that learning and travel is what puts perspective into my life and has broadened my ability to comprehend a world of new understandings. I totally advocate learning languages and then doing a study abroad in that language. It can really change how you feel, see and interact in the world. Experience and memorable lessons will abound.

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