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Kelley Duffey enjoying the wonders of Madrid

When you have been speaking Spanish for 15 years, it seems likely that one would find the time to visit a Spanish speaking country... Not me.

I graduated from Queens in May 2010 with a major in Spanish and concentrations in Business and Psychology. I had studied Spanish since kindergarten in a Spanish Immersion school in Minnesota and as I mentioned earlier had not yet visited a Spanish speaking country. I figured it was finally time! I traveled to Italy with Queens on the John Belk International Program and had an amazing trip to Italy. Spending that much time in Europe made the decision to travel there again an easy one.

I have been living in Madrid, Spain since September 2010, and what an adventure it has been. I am working as an Auxiliar de Conversación through the Ministries of Education in Madrid. I am working at a bilingual elementary school as a teaching assistant. I am working 16 hours a week where my time is divided between second- through fourth-year students. I am also doing about six hours of private classes during my free time. My school is wonderful, and the teachers I work with are very caring and extremely excited practice their English with me. During the classes I mostly lead conversation lessons, make presentations, and work with small groups, as long as I am speaking English in the classroom the teachers appreciate any help!

I am living in an apartment in the Barrio of Goya right in the City Center of Madrid; the atmosphere is always full of life and electrifying. I am living with another Auxiliar from Minnesota along with a girl from Murcia, Spain (a southern beach town). The dynamic in our apartment is comical to say the least, a variation of Spanish and English phrases- where misunderstanding is a common morale. Needless to say our vocabularies are growing and we are all enjoying our time in Madrid.

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