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Using Spanish in business stateside

Majoring in Spanish and International Studies, I aspired to one day travel abroad and work with varying cultures of the world putting my language skills to use and continuing to expand my understanding of developing countries and the Latin American world. The required courses and liberal arts curriculum of Queens overall provided me a firm foundation in a realm outside my own. My classes in Spanish and the developing world helped cultivate the necessary skills needed for successes even beyond my trained expertise. 

While working directly in the field of international affairs has always been a goal of mine, struggles for citizenship status created strict limitations in my immediate career path. Upon graduating in 2008 I was offered a position as a software trainer for a company in the automotive business near Pittsburgh. Having no real background or training in computer affairs, I felt hesitant and weary in my contributions to the field. However, upon being sent on my first training representing Autosoft Inc., I realized the skills I gained in my Spanish major extended much more beyond the conjugation of Latin verbs or the lessons learned from Spanish revolutionaries like Romero. My classes afforded me a sense of versatility and ability to connect with others.

On average, I travel to a different car dealership in a different state and city at least twice a month. This requires me to adapt to varying work cultures, styles of business, and communication. While the environment and the people I work with are ever-changing, I have learned the importance of catering my styles of training to the vast variations of learning. Much like learning to speak the language of another for effective communication, I've learned to articulate our software, teaching and training clients in the ways that are most helpful to them in understanding and absorbing the material.

While I never envisioned myself in the field of computer software and much less the car business, having the basic skills to be successful in a profession such as this has made me recognize the magnitude and impact my education has given me. Queens, and specifically my courses in Spanish and International Studies, have armed me with the attributes to achieve in any circumstance or professional endeavor. Travelling abroad and applying my Spanish directly has and continues to be an aspiration of mine, nonetheless, I have never been more grateful for the opportunities it has provided me now and am hopeful for those it will continue to provide for the future.
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