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Ethics & Religion on the Web

The following are links to websites that provide information on ongoing stories, issues, and forums regarding the intersection of ethics and religion.

Forums and General Resources on the Web:

The BBC's "Ethics and Religion" Site  
Includes a comprehensive listing of relevant programming on the BBC, discussion boards
boards on various religions, and discussions of the ethical issues that arise within the
context of religious life.

Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
A non-partisan council that focuses its efforts on two broad themes: social justice and war and peace.

Cross Currents
A magazine and forum dedicated to individuals who "are committed to connecting the
wisdom of the heart and the life of the mind.  Emphasis is placed on inter-faith
dialogue and the discussion of pressing contemporary issues.

Ethics Resource Center
Non-profit organization that specializes in organizational ethics and character development.

Global Ethics and Religion Forum
Intercultural and interreligious, this forum focuses on the issues of human rights, war and reconciliation, globalization, race and gender, and ecological ethics.

Horatio Alger Association "State of Our Nation's Youth" Project  
A practical research project that gives educators insight into the concerns and opinions of the young.

Lawrence M. Hinman's Ethics Updates
Provides ongoing updates on both popular and professional literature on moral theory and applied ethics.  Includes essays, videos, reviews, and case studies for discussion.

PBS' "Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason" Series
This series includes interviews with well known personalities (writers, philosophers, theologians,
religious leaders, etc.) on various issues including religion and gender, faith and science,
myths and sacred texts, faith and politics, and tolerance.

PBS' "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly"
A television newsmagazine that provides coverage and analysis of current issues concerning the rich world of religion and ethics.  Website provides viewing information and a story archive.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
A forum that focuses on religion and politics, religion and law, religion and domestic policy, and religion and world affairs.  Website offers news, discussion, surveys, and publications pertaining to these issues.

UCLA's Study of Spirituality in Higher Education
A multi-institutional longitudinal study that strives to identify the trends, patterns, and principles of spirituality and religiousness among college students.

Supreme Court Decisions Regarding Freedom of Religion
A comprehensive collection of Supreme Court decisions (on many topics) provided by Cornell University's Law School.

Segments and Discussions at

"Religion and Public Policy"
                Talk of the Nation, 10/1/06
"Must We Have a Separation of Church and Science?"
                Talk of the Nation, 8/4/06
"Ethics vs. Responsibility in Medicine"
                Talk of the Nation, 7/18/06
"Examining the Intersection of Religion and Violence"
                Talk of the Nation, 8/22/05
"The First Crusade"
                Talk of the Nation, 9/16/04
"Religion and Politics"
                Talk of the Nation, 9/6/00
"Religious Diversity"
                 All Things Considered, 2/27/02
"Religion and Democracy"
                 All Things Considered, 1/18/02

Sites That Reflect Particular Faiths:

The Christian Century
A Christian magazine that advocates the examination of issues such as theology, politics, and culture.

HUC Ethics Center
Founded by the Hebrew Union College and the University of Cincinnati.  Provides a forum for the discussion of moral issues and the incorporation of moral values in daily life.

National Association of Judaism and Medicine
Association that focuses on the intersection of Medicine and Jewish Law.

Notre Dame's Center for Ethics and Culture
Inspired by four of the late Jonh Paul II encyclicals, this center encourages reflection within the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition.

Saint James Ethics Center
A non-profit organization that offers professional assistance in ethical decision making.  Also offers ethical advocacy, counseling, and leadership development services.

Sojourner's: Faith, Politics, and Culture
Christian magazine that addresses issues of faith, politics, and culture from a biblical perspective.  Places special emphasis on spiritual renewal and social justice.

Centers for Ethics and Religion:

Duke University's Kenan Institute for Ethics
A center that supports the study and teaching of ethics.  The institute sponsors the Interfaith Dialogue Project and the Moral Education in a Diverse Society Conference.

Emory University's Center for Ethics
A center that sponsors several programs including conferences and the Science, Ethics, and Society Initiative.

Princeton University's Center for Human Values
Fosters ongoing inquiry into ethical issue is public and private life.  Site includes information on seminars, public lectures, and publications.

Santa Clara University's Center for Applied Ethics
A center dedicated to ethics and business, biotechnology, character development, and technology.  Site includes articles, cases, and dialogues.

Walter H. Capps Center for Ethics, Religion, and Public Life
Site contains a forum, archive, and videos of taped discussions.

Ethics and Religion Journals and Websites:

Christian Bioethics
An inter-denominational journal dedicated to exploring the commitments of Christian faiths
that pertain to the meaning of human life, sexuality, suffering, illness, and death as they
unfold in the context of medicine and health care.   

Ecotheology: The Journal of Religion, Nature, and the Environment
This journal stresses multidisciplinary discussions that pertain to the relationship between religion and ecology.  Contains both theoretical and practical essays.

Environmental Ethics Journal
Interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the discussion of the philosophical aspects of environmental problems.

Faith and Philosophy
Published by the Society for Christian Philosophers, this journal strives to serve the Christian
community by exploring the implications that faith has for all aspects of life.

Journal for the American Academy of Religion
A top academic journal in the field of religious studies.  Articles discuss the full range of world
religions and each edition includes a comprehensive book review section that gives the reader
insight into the direction of contemporary research.  

Journal of Buddhist Ethics
An online journal that discusses historical and contemporary issues concerning Buddhist practice.

Journal of Business Ethics
Provides a public forum for interdisciplinary discussion and debate of ethical issues pertaining
to the practice of business.

Journal of Church and State
Publishes constitutional, sociological, philosophical, historical, and theological essays that discuss
the relationship between religion and politics. 

Journal of Medical Ethics
The journal seeks to promote ethical reflection and conduct in scientific research and medical

Journal of Military Ethics
An international journal devoted to the study of the normative aspects of military force.  Includes
discussions concerning justifications for war and justification for responses to military force.  Also includes research and discussion pertaining to military training and the post-conflict role of military forces.

Journal of Moral Education
Contains philosophical analysis, empirical research, and evaluation of educational strategies.
Essays center on formal and informal moral education, health, ethnicity, the media, and
special needs.

Journal of Moral Philosophy
Interdisciplinary journal that centers on moral theory, moral psychology, free will, and political

Journal of Religious Ethics
Neither tradition-specific nor tradition neutral, this journal offers ethical reflection in the 
context of specific religious communities and traditions.  Focuses on three areas:   
comparative religious ethics, historical studies of important figures and texts, and
methodological issues in religious ethics.

Journal of Lutheran Ethics
Online journal that focuses on five aspects of Lutheran ethics: history, biblical and theological
foundations, contemporary issues, social witness, and vocation.

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture Science, Technology, and Human Values
A journal that explores a wide array of issues within the context of Catholicism.  These include
art, public policy, philosophy, and science.

Religious Studies
An international journal that discusses the problems of the philosophy of religion as they arise
within the context of the world's religious traditions. 

Theology Today
An ecumenical journal of Christian theology that publishes articles concerning historical and
contemporary theological issues.

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