Peter Stitt

  • Instructor , MFA Program, Creative Nonfiction
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Peter Stitt has been the editor of the Gettysburg Review since its founding in 1988 and is the author of two books about poetry, "The World’s Hieroglyphic Beauty and Uncertainty and Plenitude." Previously he was editor of The Carolina Quarterly and an associate editor of The Minnesota Review.  He has taught at six different colleges and universities, in various parts of the country.  He really liked Vermont and North Carolina, is happy enough with Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas, but has little desire to return to Houston, though he was instrumental in the founding of the creative writing program at the University of Houston.  His creative nonfiction appears in most issues of the Gettysburg Review under the heading “Editor’s Pages.” He has also published in the Georgia Review, Harper’s,  the New York Times Book Review, the Paris Review, and many other periodicals. He teaches undergraduate courses at Gettysburg College and graduate courses in the Queens University of Charlotte low-residency MFA program in creative writing.

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