Andrew Levy

  • Instructor , MFA Program, Creative Nonfiction
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Levy is Edna Cooper Chair in English at Butler University in Indianapolis. His most recent book is "A Brain Wider than the Sky: A Migraine Diary" (Simon & Schuster). His book "The First Emancipator" (Random House), was cited as a “Best of 2005” by "The Chicago Tribune," Amazon, and Booklist, and received the Slatten Award from the Virginia Historical Society. He is also the author of "The Culture and Commerce of the American Short Story," co-author of "Creating Fiction: A Writer's Companion," and co-editor of "Postmodern American Fiction: A Norton Anthology." His essays and reviews have appeared in "Harper's," "The American Scholar," "Dissent," "Best American Essays," "The Philadelphia Inquirer," and elsewhere.

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