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Carrie DeJaco , PhD

  • Associate Professor , Biology Department
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Carrie DeJaco earned a bachelor of arts degree in biology with a Spanish minor at the University of Louisville. She continued there, earning a master of science degree in biology. Her studies focused on aquatic ecology. Her master's thesis was on the algal communities, aquatic and terrestrial, across a watershed in Puerto Rico. She then went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study terrestrial ecological interactions between herbivorous mammals and plants in old-field grasslands. She has presented her work at several conferences ,ranging from the North American Diatom Symposium to meetings of the American Society of Mammalogists. 

She is fascinated by the natural world, the organisms around us and how they interact with each other. She is always excited to introduce students to components and interactions they may not have previously noticed. She teaches Principles of Biology I, Botany, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Animal Behavior.  She hopes to soon be able to teach a course in Urban and Suburban Ecology.

She has taught Core 122 and participated in Joh Belk International Program classes to Micronesia, Spain and South Africa. She hopes to soon be able to teach about and take a John Belk International Program study trip to Central or South America.

Recently, she has become involved in the efforts of local organizations to educate the public about invasive plants, many of which are commonly used in landscaping. She is involved with the local Invasive Species Task Force and the local chapter of the N.C. Native Plant Society.

In addition, she is active in a Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral and stray cats in Charlotte.


  • Ph. D.  - Biology (Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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