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Carrie DeJaco , PhD

  • Associate Professor , Biology Department
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Carrie DeJaco is fascinated by the natural world, the organisms around us, and how they interact with each other. She is always excited to introduce students to ecological components and interactions they may not have previously noticed. She teaches Biodiversity and Ecology Foundations, Writing for Biologists, Biology Roundtable, Botany, Ecology, and Advanced Topics in Ecology.  She has also taught interdisciplinary courses and led international-experience trips to Micronesia, Peru, Spain, and South Africa.  She is currently developing a QLC course on climate change to go along with a trip to Newfoundland.

She has research experience in aquatic and terrestrial ecology, in tropical and temperate habitats with plants and animals, microscopic and macroscopic.  Her research interests are plant-animal interactions such as pollination and herbivory.  

As an expert on locally native and invasive plants, she has given many talks locally and regionally on the consequences of invasive plants and the benefits of using native plants in landscaping.  She has recently been working on a project to remove invasive plants from an urban vacant lot and restore the land area to ecologically functional woodland and meadow habitat of native plants and animals.


  • Ph. D.  - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S.  - Biology; University of Louisville
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