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Greg Pillar , Ph.D

  • , Chemistry and Environmental Science Department
  • William S. Lee Professor Associate Professor
  • Director, Preyer Honors Program & Initiatives
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Greg D. Pillar is an associate professor and the William S. Lee Professor of Environmental Science and Chemistry. The former chair of the Department of Environmental Science & Chemistry he currently serves as the Director of the Preyer Honors Program & Initiatives.  His courses cover a variety of disciplines in environmental science (geology, soil science, environmental impact assessment) and chemistry (general chemistry, analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry).  In addition to his department responsibilities he co-developed the Supplemental Instruction Program and serves as the faculty facilitator for the Royal Advising Program.   An avid traveler he has participated in the John Belk International Program where he has led and co-led engaging travel experiences with students to Italy (2008), Micronesia (2011, 2013, 2014), Vietnam (2012) and Costa Rica (2016).

His research interests are focused in the areas of environmental chemistry (organic and inorganic), agricultural resource management, environmental impact assessment and secondary/post secondary science education. He has mentored over 30 capstone and course-embedded research projects.

Dr. Pillar has been published in journals including the Journal of Environmental Quality and the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Journal. Dr. Pillar has presented his research and scholarly work at a number of scientific conferences and has given over 35 invited talks on topics ranging from the fate of organic contaminants in the environment to issues in our global food system.  Dr. Pillar has been a guest on WFAE’s (local NPR) "Charlotte Talks" with Mike Collins and has served as an expert consultant for several stories covered by the local media outlets.

Originally from West Allis, Wisconsin Dr. Pillar now resides in Monroe, North Carolina with his wife (Jennifer) and their children (Nathan, Taylor & Kaleigh).  An avid baseball and football fan you will often find him rooting for and supporting his hometown Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers.  Dr. Pillar also enjoys the outdoors and can be found rafting, scuba diving, camping & geocaching when he can find the time.


  • B.S.  - Environmental Science; University of Minnesota
  • M.S.  - Agronomy (Soil Science); Kansas State University
  • Ph.D.  - Agronomy (Environmental Chemistry); University of Georgia


  • William S. Lee Endowed Chair 2013
  • William S. Lee Distinguished Professor Teaching Award 2011
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