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Sabrina Frey , MFA

  • Assistant Professor , Art Department
  • Interior Architecture and Design
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Sabrina Frey is a designer who thinks outside the box but works inside the lines.  This philosophy helped fuel her successful design career and business and helps her teach and encourage her students to be the best possible designer in their chosen area of study.  Design is both fun and challenging, but also vast and multi-disciplinary.  Having design experience in areas such as interiors, architecture and graphics allows her to pass on a well rounded design knowledge.
She believes that to get something you never had means you have to do something you have never done. This desire to try new things and experience all life has to offer keeps her from just studying something, but practicing it and learning from those who went before on the path less travelled.  
Her research interests are in the global community and trying to better understand how to improve lives through the study of those who are healthiest and happiest in the world, and to apply design knowledge and learning from others to create healthier environments for all users.
Sabrina has 25+ years of practical design experience and 10+ years of teaching experience.  She has also won several awards during her career such as "Best Poster" 2012 IDEC National Conference, "Best of Show" IADT 2001 Annual Portfolio Walk and National Skills Olympics 1988 Colorado VICA Graphic Communications.


  • MFA  - Interior Design Education; Florida State University
  • BS  - Commercial Interior Design; International Academy of Design and Technology
  • AA  - Liberal Arts; Hillsborough Community College
  • AS  - Residential Interior Design; International Academy of Design and Technology


  • National Conference Scholarship Best Poster 2012 Interior Design Educator Council
  • Best of Show 2001 International Academy of Design and Technology
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