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We're proud of the outstanding things our students and faculty are doing on campus, in the community, and beyond. This page is our way of spreading the news and acknowledging excellence and creativity whenever we can.

Please help us continue to recognize the activities and achievements happening every day in the College of Arts and Sciences. If you have information you would like to share please contact Sally Hyatt, Assistant Dean of CAS.

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Sarah Creech's Novel Debut

Adjunct English Instructor Sarah Creech's debut novel, Season of the Dragonflies, has been sold to editor Rachel Kahan at William Morrow. Read More


Dr. Kevin L. Burke Presents on Contracts and Incentives

Dean Kevin L. Burke presents research at CSRI. Read More


Professor Morri Creech's New Book Reviewed

Morri Creech's new book The Sleep of Reason was reviewed this month in Library Journal. Read More


Suzanne Cooper Guasco Has Book Published

Suzanne Cooper Guasco, associate professor and chair of history, has her book published. Read More


Dr. Pillar Speaks on Panel

Dr. Greg Pillar, associate professor of Environmental Science & Chemistry, was an invited speaker at a panel discussion organized by the Duke International Law Society at the Duke University School of Law. Read More


Dr. Whalen Presents Paper

Bob Whalen, of the History Department, presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Society for Military History. Read More


Dr. Mullis Presents at Mint Museum

Dr. Mullis presented Plato on Art, Truth, and Censorship at the Mint Museum Read More


Professor Suzanne Watts Henderson Presents Paper

Associate Professor of Religion Suzanne Watts Henderson presented a paper entitled "Messianic Message: The 'Good News' of God's Coming Kingdom" at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Theologians.  Read More


Professor Gerwin Featured as Visiting Artist

Denny Gerwin, professor of Art 3D, was featured as a visiting artist at the University of North Florida. Read More


Joli McClelland and Jenn Goddu Present Collaborative Research on Plagiarism

Joli McClelland and Jenn Goddu presented their collaborative research on plagiarism causes, perceptions and prevention, and the development of a writing a literature review teaching tool. Read More

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