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The stories below highlight the best of what Queens offers for students and the entire campus community.

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Everybody Eats

Dr. Greg Pillar shares why we should all stop to think about where our food comes from. Read More

Summer Institute in Chinese provides rare opportunity to learn Mandarin

Summer Institute in Chinese immerses students in Mandarin language and culture. Read More

Alum opens her heart to help the poor of Nicaragua be healthy

From learning to eat a burrito through a hole in a plastic bag to surviving a parasitic infection, Queens alumna Stephanie Phipps’ blog about her work in Nicaragua is full of riveting details. She was inspired to join the Peace Corps after traveling abroad as a student. Read More

History All Around Us

The oldest landmarks on Queens’ park-like campus aren’t made of brick and mortar. Read More

Professor Mike Wirth proves ‘design is all around us’

Mike Wirth encourages students to find innovative ways to present information in his new media and design courses. Read More

Drumming Therapy Helps Children in Crisis

Health and Human Services majors present study of how drumming helps fragile children in crisis make breakthroughs in their treatment. Read More

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