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Three first-year students launch a book blog, attract attention from publishers

Minna Pritchard, Jalee Garrison and Ashley Greiwe met in their residence hall and became fast friends when they discovered their mutual love for young adult novels.

They decided to start a blog and take turns reviewing books.  "I love fantasy, and I'm a dystopian fiction nerd," Ashley says. "Minna loves contemporary love stories and Jalee just devours books, period."

The blog had been up only two days before a publicist at Simon & Schuster discovered it and wrote to the trio offering to send review copies of books.

 "We realized at that point that we were offering something that would be read by people outside our little circle of book geeks," Jalee said.

They set up linked Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Tumblr accounts right away.  Suddenly authors caught wind of the exposure to their work and started sending thank you messages. Now they're expanded even further, to Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Minna is also a budding novelist herself, with two manuscripts completed and other ideas for novels taking shape.

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