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Students learn the power of forgiveness

Members of the "Psychology of Forgiveness" class recently hosted two events to spread awareness of the power of forgiveness.

During a balloon release in Trexler Courtyard students wrote transgressions which they wish to forgive of others or of themselves, placed them into balloons and then released them.

"I believe that all people have some sort of good in them and the forgiveness process is a natural cycle of life," said student Aayla Alexander. "At any moment, you may be placed in a situation that requires someone to forgive you so always be understanding." 

The next event was the creation of a "Forgiveness Wall." Students were invited to write transgressions they wished to forgive on a canvas wall which was displayed for the rest of the week.

Dr. Karen Neal said the students felt a sense of relief and freedom after the events, helping them to understand the power of forgiveness personally.

"One of the concepts that resonates within me is that as conflict happens, we all have a choice," said student Cyndy Bouthillette. "A choice to utilize the benefits that forgiveness offers as a strategy to heal not only our emotional wounds but physical ones as well. The role of Forgiveness itself promotes health and well being both directly and indirectly. For it is the golden thread running through all of our lives."


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