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A Rare Opportunity

Only 50 college students in the United States get accepted for a prestigious Summer Enrichment Program at UNC Chapel Hill each year. Queens senior Gideon Yeboah was one of them. 

A pre-medical major at Queens with a minor in Chemistry, Yeboah was more than thrilled when he was invited to participate in the prestigious science focused enrichment program in Summer 2011.

"I knew how hard it was to get into and when I was accepted, I knew it was going to be a helpful resource on my path to becoming a doctor," Yeboah said.

During the eight-week program, Yeboah took classes in subjects such as Organic Chemistry, Physiology, Biostatistics and Physics.  He also shadowed a surgeon and a pediatrician and was invited to medical conferences at North Carolina State University and Duke University.  The program  covered his housing so he could stay on campus for the eight weeks and provided a stipend for travel expenses. 

"The program was able to give me broad perspective on what it's like to become a doctor," Yeboah said.

Yeboah will be taking some of his last classes before he graduates in May in the new Rogers Hall, a Platinum LEED certified science and health building. 

"I can't wait to go inside the new building," said Yeboah.  "It will be really nice to work in brand new labs!"

Yeboah plans to take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) this September and then begin applying to medical schools.  His long-term goal is to become a cardiac surgeon.  

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