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Department of History hosts regional conferences

The Department of History recently hosted two regional conferences that drew scholars from colleges and universities across the Carolinas and Tennessee.

The first was for the North Carolina Association of Historians and showcased more than 20 scholars from North Carolina schools who presented and discussed their research in an intimate environment.  The keynote speaker was Dr. David Goldfield, professor of history at UNC Charlotte and the author of "America Aflame,"  about the Civil War.

The second event was the Phi Alpha Theta Regional  Carolinas Annual Meeting which brought together undergraduates, graduate students and scholars from colleges and universities throughout the Carolinas and Tennessee.   Sixty students presented their own research over five sessions and 20 panel discussions.  Topics of inquiry were wide ranging and included: 20th-century imperialism, politics and public opinion in the early American republic, Irish history, 19th century art and literature, insanity and sympathy in the 19th century, history and popular culture in the modern era, anti-communism and the Cold War in America, race and identity in an imperial context, nationalism and traditionalism in Asian history, early modern Europe, reform and unrest in Latin America, military history - European and Ancient, and Europe between the great wars.

"These events were a great opportunity for the best and brightest among history majors in this region to showcase their research, writing, and presenting skills," said organizer Dr. Suzanne Cooper-Guasco, of Queens.  " Even more importantly, these events help foster a community of scholars broadly defined by connecting students and faculty from a variety of campuses and states."

Davidson College was a co-host of the latter event.  Students from Queens and Davidson presented their work and ran the conference.  Each panel was chaired by a Queens or Davidson student who introduced the presenters and facilitated the question and answer session.  The president of the national Phi Alpha Theta organization, Dr. Jack Tunstall, gave the keynote address.  In total, we had more than 75 people from throughout the region on campus as our guests, Cooper-Guasco said.




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