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The Arts at Queens

The Arts at Queens

Welcome to The Arts at Queens, which connects the University's academic departments and programs in the arts. Our mission is to enrich our students' experience with the arts through collaborations and innovations, and to link the arts on campus with the greater Charlotte community.

Inspiring the Community

The arts are immediately visible to those driving or walking along Selwyn Avenue at the edge of campus, where we have installed "Triple Arc I" by the landmark American sculptor James Rosati, on loan from the Jerald Melberg Gallery in Charlotte. We hope it inspires members of the community to attend our performances and visit our gallery. Each semester we offer cultural events that feature distinguished visitors and showcase student talent. Each year, we sponsor the Festival of The Arts at Queens

Student Opportunities

Opportunities for students in the arts abound, including the Core program's First Year Experience and the John Belk International Program's study tours for juniors, which regularly include visits to the world's important museums. Our majors and minors in the arts provide students experience in the classroom and the studio. Students exhibit in the Max L. Jackson Gallery, join music ensembles, perform in Hadley Theater, participate in arts clubs and organizations, and edit Signet, the undergraduate magazine of art and literature. Explore our departments and programs to learn more.

Departments & Programs:

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