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The Center for Latino Studies

Center for Latino Studies



The "hispanization" of the American South, and the southern Piedmont in particular, is one of the South's and the United States' most compelling stories. We have already seen dramatic changes in our workforce, economy, culture, politics and everyday life. In North Carolina, vibrant Latino neighborhoods are found in the state's major cities, while Spanish-language newspapers, advertisements, radio, and television stations and other Hispanic businesses are flourishing.


The Center for Latino Studies at Queens University of Charlotte supports multidisciplinary and multifaceted projects with the common mission of promoting understanding of the Latino experience in the southeastern United States. The Center creates an intellectual and physical space in which scholars, local leaders, students and the wider community can engage in research, cultural exploration, and dialogue about what the "Hispanization" of the southeastern United States and especially North Carolina's Piedmont region means for our communities and future.


Dr. Michele Shaul,
Center for Latino Studies

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World Languages Film Series: "Yo, Tambien (Me Too)"

Queens' Center for Latino Studies and the Department of World Languages present the touching film, "Yo, Tambien (Me Too)." View Event

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What Wise Latinas Must Know

This keynote address ties powerful self-acceptance messages with observations from the Latina experience to give attendees insightful life lessons for their journey. This event is sponsored by Queens’ Center for Latino Studies and the Department of World Languages. View Event

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The German Doctor

Lucía Puenzo'z film "The German Doctor" addresses the pursuit of Nazi War criminals who sought refuge in Latin America. Josef Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death," was a German SS officer and a physician at Auschwitz. View Event

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