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Daisy Abreu

Daisy AbreuDaisy Abreu

Daisy Abreu was born in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 19, 1972. She currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut. While her immediate family lives in nearby New Jersey, the majority of her extended family still lives in Cuba, the land of Daisy's heritage.

Daisy is the youngest of four children. She is the first person in her family born in the United States. Her oldest brother, who is 15 years older than she, still lives in Cuba. She also has a brother who is 13 years older and a sister who is 12 years her senior. All her siblings left home before she entered adolescence. Consequently, she felt like an only child for most of her teenage years. His parents were very active, and they often joked that Daisy grew up in a bar. Despite her parents' busy schedules, Daisy was a quiet child and an avid reader who loved to dream. Daisy attended public school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. She loved school, but she had a fair amount of difficulty with math and science. Reading and writing remained her passions. After high school, she went to continue her studies at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut, where she majored in English with a focus in creative writing. It was there that she discovered that she could actually pursue a serious study of literature and writing. Her counselor and mentor, Clayton Hudnall, was a big influence for her during this time.  She is currently working on her Masters' thesis in Fine Arts at Fairfield University.  Her thesis is a collection of essays about his growth as a Cuban American. Daisy, who speaks fluent Spanish and Spanglish, began writing poems and short stories in fourth grade.  She knew she wanted to be a writer when Clayton, her mentor, told her, "You know, you can't make money writing poetry." At that very moment, she realized that all she wanted to do with her life was to write. She wrote a book of unpublished poems in her twenties. She is inspired by people who are successful at what they do. Gene Kelly, in particular, has been a great source of inspiration for her because "he worked hard to become the best dancer, actor, director, and choreographer he could be, yet he made it all appear effortless" in movies.  She is also inspired by the courage of her parents, who left Cuba with young children to create a better life for themselves. She is inspired by her fellow writers and the beautiful work they put out into the world. Her favorite subjects are the family, the place and the people who find their way in life. In the books she loves best, "nothing happens, yet at the same time, everything happens."She loves to read books about young girls in a search for their identity and their place in the world. Her writing style is conversational, but she is still working on cultivating and developing it. Her writing process consists of free writing and then polishing it until she reaches a final, complete piece.

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