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Graciela S. Boruszko

Dr. Graciela S. BoruszkoDr. Graciela S. Boruszko

Graciela S. Boruszko was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but grew up most of her life in different countries in Latin America like Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Perú, Columbia and Brazil. She also spent time in the Andes and with some tribes in the Amazon. Both of Dr. Boruszko's parents were born in Argentina and are of Spanish and Italian ancestry. Her ancestors had to escape from Europe due to famine and war. A lot of her family was killed in the Spanish Civil War, which is why her grandparents had to emigrate. Her parents decided to be missionaries who helped her participate "in the love of the people and the land" in which they lived. Dr. Boruszko studied in Uruguay, Perú, and Ecuador which allowed her to learn a lot more about the different cultures and the people. For her university education she returned to Europe. She obtained her BA in Comparative Literature and French Literature, a Master's degree and the pedagogical Degree of the PhD from the Université de Bourgoge in Dijon, France. She completed the PhD program at the University of Madrid in French Philology and Comparative Literature. Besides being a writer, she is also a professor at Pepperdine University. Her writing is influenced by nineteenth century French philosophers and writers, as well as the Spanish writers of the same century like Ortega and Gasset and twentieth century Spanish poets like García Lorca and Antonio Machado. She is especially influenced by many women writers that have paved the way so she could write today in what used to be considered a man's work (Boruszko). She also enjoys painting and writing lyrics to the songs her husband composes.

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