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Jean Rockford Aguilar-Valdez

Jean Rockford Aguilar-ValdezJean Rockford Aguilar-Valdez

Jean Rockford Aguilar-Valdez grew up in Sweetwater Miami, Florida, a place that is known for its largely Latino population. Her parents were divorced so she mainly lived with her mother, but saw her father on weekends. She never really cared for any of the partners that her mother had as she was growing up because they were brutal towards her. Her escape was initially the public library and then later, the school library. She was a motivated young woman who always tried to challenge herself as much as possible. This is why she has been successful in her educational endeavors. After high school, she left Florida to go to school in South Carolina where she again challenged herself by majoring in Physics and Chemistry. She picked those majors because she wanted to prove to herself that she could do it and she did. She graduated and went on to graduate school in North Carolina for physics and then later became a science teacher in the public school system in East Los Angeles. While teaching in East Los Angeles, she learned that it was ok to be Latino and that she needed to stop running from her culture and just embrace it (Rockford Aguilar-Valdez). This is why she is now working on her doctorate at the University of Greensboro where she is researching the decolonizing of science education, indigenous science, postcolonial feminism, Latino critical race theory, and social justice with regards to racial, immigration, political, and economic oppressions that Latinos face in the realm of education. Jean always loved to write poetry because it allowed her to relax and just speak her mind. It is a way for her to get away from her busy life and just write about what she feels necessary. Like all artists, she has some people that deeply influence what she writes about: Gloria Anzaldua, Maria Lugones, and Paulo Freire. She is a very independent woman that likes to challenge herself in everything that she does. She has been able to get through all of the tough times in her life and become successful.

Whatever she does, she will always push herself to do better and never settle for the bare minimum. 

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