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Kase Johnstun

Kase JohnstunKase Johnstun

Kase Johnstun is from Ogden, Utah but currently resides in Manhattan where he is an English Instructor at Kansas State University. He is also on the Editorial Board of Label Me Latina/o. He is married to a "wonderful" wife and they share a son name Lukas Diego.  Johnstun always had the passion to write so did not choose to become a writer. It is just who he is. He has the personal goal to write at least one good sentence a day. He describes his writing style as abrupt and his favorite themes to write about are family, culture, and humor.  His role model is his friend, Sean Davis who also is a writer and has received a Purple Heart. He is also dedicated to getting veterans into the Arts. Johnstun calls Davis a hero. When Johnstun was a child, he spent half his time over at his mother's house and the other half over at his grandmother's house. He lived near the Weber River and spent most days "in the dirt and in trouble." He went to St. Joseph Catholic Elementary and High School. He had interesting experiences going to Catholic school in the middle of Utah because it felt like they were "our own little island." Johnstun went to Weber University to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree in Technical Writing and Editing. He then continued his education at Kansas State University where he received his Masters in English/Creative Writing and he just recently received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Pacific University. Johnstun is currently writing a narrative-nonfiction book on Craniosynotosis which will go inside the life of children who are born with the birth defect. It will also include the parent's perspective, the medical history of the birth defect, and even Johnstun's perspective because he too was born with Craniosynostosis.

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Books in Progress

  • Johnstun, K. Craniosynostosis: Our Story. (Working title). Contracted with McFarland Press. Anticipated publication: Early 2014.
    This narrative-nonfiction book dives into the lives of those who were born with the birth defect Craniosynostosis, their parent's lives, the medical history of the birth defect, and my life (a child born with Craniosynostosis - this serves as the larger narrative arch).

 Upcoming Presentations

  • (Creative Nonfiction Panel) Johnstun, K. "Thou Shall Not Bear False Hypothesis." South Central MLA Conference. San Antonio: November 2012.

Upcoming Titles

  • (Anthology) Johnstun, K. "Baby Luke's Daah of The Natural World." Western Washington: Reflections. The History Press.
  • (Essay Collection) Johnstun, K. "Black Marker and a Name." Lessons from Our Parents. Familius Press.
  • (Series of Essays) Johnstun, K. "Insights Into Working in Professional Sports." Good Men Project. New York.

Essays in Refereed Journals

  • Johnstun, K. "Me and My Ignorance." The Chronicle Review. Washington, D.C.: 2012.
  • Johnstun, K. "Tortillas for Honkies." Label Me Latina/o Literary Journal. 2011.


  • Johnstun, K. "Washing John." Good Men Project Magazine. New York: 2012. (Editor's Picks - 2012)
  • Johnstun, K. "Evidence on the Bench Seat." Good Men Project Magazine. New York:  2011.
  • Johnstun, K. "Losing Grandpa." Good Men Project Magazine. New York: 2010.
  • Johnstun, K. "Nutritional Mistakes Athletes Make." UtahHealth. Salt Lake City: Citihealth, 2006.
  • Johnstun, K. Intermountain Catholic Newspaper. Salt Lake City, Utah: 2002-2004- Over 200 articles on multiple topics.
  • Johnstun, K. "Christmas Round Up." Consumer Choice Magazine. The Consumer's Association of Ireland: Dublin, Ireland: 2002.
  • Johnstun, K. "Generation Gamer." Consumer Choice Magazine. The Consumer's Association of Ireland: Dublin, Ireland: 2002.
  • Johnstun, K. "Irish Copyright Laws." Consumer Choice Magazine. The Consumer's Association of Ireland: Dublin, Ireland: 2002.

Essays in Collections

  • Johnstun, K.  "We Were Going to Kill Each Other." Europe from a Backpack. Ed. Mark Pearson and Martin Westerman. Seattle, WA: Pearson Venture Group, 2004: 234-244.


  • Johnstun, K. "Coming of Age." Catholic News Service. Washington D.C. 2003-2006. Seventy-five Nationally Syndicated Columns.
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