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Kurma Murrain

The life story of Kurma Murrain is one where a child of meager existence is able to rise up without much help from anyone else to become a recognized author and humanitarian. The story starts in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Kurma Murrain was born on July 14, 1970. Her mother and father were barely able to provide food and shelter for their first child and now with Kurma things would get worse. Meat was a rarity in Kurma's early life. She and her family lived in a small one-room apartment but due to her father's line of work there were only three living there at most times. Kurma's father, Vincente Murrain Mosquera, was not around for the most of the time. The only influence that he made on her was through all of his diverse friends. She would marvel at the different languages that her father could speak but he never had the time to teach her. Kurma's mother, on the other hand, had a huge impact on her life. Luz Amalfi Castillo de Murrain was a free spirit. She loved to party and date around with other men. She too, like her husband, was not around very often. Kurma and her brother were on their own quite frequently and did not always get fed. Luz did instill good values in her children. She loved to read herself so it was natural for her to encourage her children to read.  Education and doing what makes you happy were the top proprieties for Luz and Kurma took on these values and held them through out the years. When Kurma entered the sixth grade, she was enrolled in a Catholic boarding school. It was very strict on many things and Kurma disliked it. Aside from finding her love of acting, she was much less productive at this school. After failing out of the school, Kurma attended a public school in the area. She then found her love of writing. She was inspired by her mom in her early poetry writing and still dedicates many poems to her. Then, her mother left with a man to Spain. Kurma decided to stay. Kurma worked hard all her life just to get by and eventually made it to the United States where she continued her education. Soon after graduation she got married but then her relationship turned violent. Kurma was left with no house, no money and was forced to stay in her car. She was thankfully hired at a local high school teaching math and also at a community college teaching ESL. Now Kurma Murrain lives in a small one bedroom apartment. She pursues her current role as a teacher and also gives back to the community anyway she can. Kurma's life story is one of devotion and persistence.

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