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Lyndsey Lefebvre

Lyndsey LefebvreLyndsey Lefebvre

Lyndsey Lefebvre is a third-generation Mexican-American who was born in Orange, California and grew up in Anaheim, California. She was raised by her grandmother for most of her childhood. Lefebvre attended Fullerton College then transferred to California State University and majored in English. She is now an English teacher of various levels and is also caring for her own kids, and participating in their PTA and extra- curricular activities. Lefebvre teaches a unique English class that is food themed. Students write and read about food studies related topics like food narratives, and restaurant analysis. She also enjoys writing poetry because she likes its form of expression. She describes her writing style as "cheeky". Her writing topics often deal with identity and culture through the lens of the plate and the desires of the stomach. She has been published in the Dash Literary Journal, and teaches food themed Composition classes in Southern California.

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