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Margarita Pignataro

Margarita PignataroMargarita Pignataro

Margarita Pignataro grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts surrounded by family, love, food, and music. She currently resides in Walla Walla, Washington where she has a teaching position at Whitman College. Margarita is of Chilean descent and is fluent in English and Spanish. Her highest degree is a Ph.D in U.S. Latino Studies from Arizona State University in 2009. In addition to her writing, Margarita has held various teaching positions at Syracuse University and teaching assistant positions at Arizona State University as well. Margarita has written poems, essays, dramas, and short stories. Her writing mostly focuses on the differences between various Latin cultures, immigration issues, and religious aspects of the culture. An element of exploring gender roles and their differences is also evident. Border-Lines: Journal of the Latino Research Center, Puentes: Revista méxico-chicana de literature, cultura y arte, Label Me Latina/o ( and Telling Tongues: A Latin@ Anthology on Language Experience have published Margarita's works.

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