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Maria Mayobre

Maria MayobreMaria Mayobre

María Mayobre was born in 1976, in Caracas, Venezuela where most of her family still lives. She grew up in Paris, France. As a child, she loved to paint and write stories. She spent her time with her parents going to incredible restaurants and traveling through Europe. Now, she enjoys running, traveling, writing, going to the movies, cooking, and going to concerts. She says, "I think that the child I was would be very happy if she met the woman I became." She has one sister and her parents were happily married for twenty-five years. Her father died in 2000 from cancer. Maria is fluent in Spanish and English. She went to elementary school in Paris, France, and secondary school in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated college at Andrés Bello Catholic University in Venezuela where she studied Social Communication and Philosophy and she received her Master's degree in Communication and Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. She loved school and is always curious to learn new things. Now, she lives in Boston, Massachusetts, working as an editor at Skyword Inc. She typically writes short stories and screenplays. Also, she has a blog of non-fiction about her travels and is currently working on a novel and a short film that will be released in this year, called Millet. Her screenplay Not Like Mom won the 2009 Emerson Annual Screenwriting Prize. Her short films Amber Alert and Marry Me won awards on  Maria is fascinated by and likes to write about human craziness. Maria told me that everything inspires her from people she meets, the stories that she hears and places she visits. Maria never consciously decided to become a writer; she just feels the need to always write. She thought up all of these stories in her head and one day decided to start writing them down.

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