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Michael M. Pacheco

Michael M. PachecoMichael M. Pacheco

Michael M. Pacheco is an American author and poet of Hispanic origin who has had his novel and poetry published in the United States. A lawyer by training, Michael Pacheco was born in Ciudad Juarez in the state of Chihuahua, in northern Mexico on November 21, 1952.  His family originally hails from the state of Jalisco, Mexico and hence his cultures and traditions tend to reflect his roots.

Michael Pacheco graduated from Kennewick High School in Washington State and then went onto Gonzaga University where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree. His areas of undergraduate study were Political Science and Russian history both of which he enjoyed immensely. He then attended Georgetown University Law Center and completed his legal training at Willamette University where he earned his Juris Doctorate.

He has fond memories of his childhood growing up in his aunt's place in the region of "La frontera" in Northern Mexico.  Since his parents were migrants, Michael travelled all over the Western part of the United States which allowed him to experience the beauty of the desert Southwest, the Pacific Ocean, the majestic Cascades and the luscious Northwest. Michael is very family oriented and presently lives with his wife Stacey in Salem, Oregon. He has a son and daughter, both of whom are of adult age and currently live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Michael is a writer who enjoys his work and rarely gets writer's block. Though fluent in both English and Spanish, he considers English to be his second language. He derives his inspiration from ordinary everyday events and also the lives and events that befall the clients of the law firm in which he works. Having been raised as a Catholic, a lot of his inspirations also come from Biblical stories and tales of the ancient world. His debut novel The Guadalupe Saints recently won second place in the 2012 International Latino Book-to-Movie Awards. His poetry has also appeared in the collection entitled 200 New Mexico Poems.  Michael has recently published another novel called Seeking Tierra Santa and is currently working on two other novels and a collection of short stories. His writing shows his Hispanic origin though that is not his primary purpose. His main aim is to take readers through changes such as coming of age and self-realization.  Hence, he uses a relaxed style of writing that is not scholarly or overly formalistic. While being very well read, Michael does not have any books that are particular favorites though he mentions The Hummingbirds Daughter and To Kill a Mockingbird among many of his favorites.

Besides being a lawyer and a writer, Michael is also a musician who loves to play the guitar. This hobby arose from his college days where he was part of a rock band that performed in social gatherings. These days he mainly enjoys playing the guitar to sing to his wife and reduce stress. Michael is also an avid gardener who enjoys growing Gardenias because of their sweet fragrance. 

Thus Michael Pacheco is a very well rounded personality with strong social and religious values. His Mexican roots and command of the English language are well reflected in his writings. Growing up in the United States and having observed many aspects of American society Michael uses everyday events blended with his personal experiences and fantasy to create beautiful pieces of writing, the plots of most of which are set in the South Western United States.

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