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Rita Martin

Rita MartinRita Martin

Like the culture of Cuba itself, Rita Martin is a marvelous complex piece of art. She has written several poems, short stories, plays, and literature reviews. Her works have been published in several journals all over the world. She has published eight books of poetry, a collection of short stories, and several theatrical works such as Flores no me pongan, which has been performed in Miami for two consecutive years. From Miami to Cuba, her works have inspired numerous writers, actors, poets, readers and those of her own Hispanic heritage to believe in their art. It seems as if Rita Martin was destined to be an artist from birth. She was born in 1963 in Havana, Cuba to parents Mrs. Gabriela Arredondo and Mr. Martin. Her mother's family was known as criollos or originals of Cuba. Her father's family, a very un-orthodox group of free-thinkers, migrated from Spain to Cuba. Following her family's immigration to the U.S., several family members took on an influential role in publishing literature and becoming involved in the political scene in both the U.S. and Cuba. Rita Martin graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Havana in 1986. In pursuit of a higher education, she officially moved to the U.S. in 1994 were she earned a Master's degree in Latin American Studies at Florida Atlantic University. She then continued her academic career for a doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Today she is a professor of Spanish language and Hispanic Culture at Radford University in Virginia. She frequently writes on her blog titled Grafoscopio, where she shares her written talents and networks with other artists. Rita Martin is a powerful woman full of courage, love, intelligence and culture. She will continue to inspire others in her relentless pursuit of education while maintaining her Cuban heritage throughout her life and her writing.

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