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Rosario Toledo

Rosario ToledoRosario Toledo

Rosario Toledo is an incredibly interesting author with an incredibly interesting history. She began writing when she was twelve years old after being inspired by The Diary of Anne Frank. After reading the accounts of young Anne, Toledo herself developed a passion for writing, and began to keep a daily diary. She grew up in Mexico City of modest upbringings with four older sisters. Her father eventually made a fortune through real estate, and with his wealth he insured that all four of his daughters received a good education. He enrolled Rosario and her sisters in a private school for her primary and secondary schooling, which gave Rosario an interesting perspective on the demographics of Mexico City. In school, she was surrounded by her wealthy, well-to-do peers, while the rest of the people in her life, particularly her grandparents and cousins, lived in poverty. This contrast heavily shaped Rosario's worldview and her motivations for the future. Toledo graduated secondary school with a teaching degree, but she longed to become a journalist.  When she was twenty years old, Toledo immigrated to Austin, TX with her boyfriend in order to pursue a brighter future for herself. This pursuit led her to enroll in the University of Texas to study English, and she eventually graduated with a degree in journalism. However, Toledo still did not pursue creative writing because she spent the next eight years starting a family, raising her children, and working in journalism. Toledo and her family then moved to Tennessee, where Toledo went back to school to study Spanish and English at the University of Tennessee. It was an incredible struggle for her to master the English language, but once she did, her ambitions soared. She later received a MFA in Creative Writing from NYU, and began her career as a professional writer.  She publishes her stories and poems under the pen name RE Toledo, a deliberate choice she made in order for her gender to remain neutral so that readers would judge the quality and content of the work versus focusing on what her gender may be. She also saw it as a poetic, symbolic choice because since she herself has evolved so much as a person from the beginning of her journey in America, her name should change in order to reflect this growth. RE Toledo is a fascinating and captivating writer with an incredible story and a hunger to share her work with the world as she begins to embark on her career as an up-and-coming author. 

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