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Charting his course one semester at a time

Craven CrockettCraven Crockett

Craven Crockett is no stranger to hard work.

Soon, he'll have to adjust to letting himself sit back for a minute to enjoy his success.

Crockett, now 28, grew up in Charlotte and has supported himself since high school. Until he enrolled at Queens in January 2010 he worked full-time in the dining room at The Cypress while raising a young daughter. Along the way he's dreamed big, determined to finish with a four-year degree and a brighter career path.

Holly Boyd, director of admissions for Queens' Hayworth College for Adult Studies, remembers meeting Crockett for the first time in late 2009.  After several years of fitting school in whenever he could manage it, he was just about to complete his associate's degree at Central Piedmont Community College. He dreamed of coming to Queens to finish a bachelor's degree in business.

His natural charisma just "lit up the room," she says, and his poise was remarkable as he described how hard he'd worked to juggle all of his responsibilities.

"Everything about him just screamed that he was exactly the kind of adult student we hope to have the privilege of serving," Boyd says. "He was dedicated and focused on charting his course to realizing his potential, while also being open to self-discovery along the way."

Crockett, 28, enrolled at Queens in January 2010 with a scholarship and Federal grants along with financial assistance from The Cypress.

He will graduate with a bachelor's degree in business next spring.

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