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Knight School of Communication

Communications Degrees in Charlotte NC

The mission of the James L. Knight School of Communication is to prepare consumers and creators of communication messages to become engaged citizens, advocates and leaders in the communities they serve. In our academic programs and our community initiatives, we are discovering how universities can shape their local media ecosystems.

The Knight School offers a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Journalism and Digital Media, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communication, and a Master of Arts in Communication. Our degree programs provide students with a solid liberal arts education alongside practical training in traditional and emerging media forms, and critical training in communication studies. Our courses are designed to help students become more ethical, effective communicators in all contexts. Our faculty and students are developing new avenues to approach issues of community and civic engagement, and building specialized communication strategies and media tools to realize purposeful change.

We train our graduates to be sophisticated information analysts, with the ability to evaluate, reflect, create and act with a range of media forms, and in a variety of applied communication environments. Alumni thrive in such areas as journalism, media industries, advertising, public and community relations, law, human resources, sports enterprise, corporate communication, government and education.

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Queens Faculty Demonstrate Expertise on WFAE, Other Sources

Queens Faculty Demonstrate Expertise on WFAE, Other Sources Read More

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Alumna Named Georgia's Elementary Science Teacher of the Year

Although Alana Davis '04 graduated from Queens with a communication, her Queens experience led her to a career in education. Read More

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Knight School Launches Community Partnership With Google Fiber

Google Fiber and Queens Knight School of Communication place digital literacy as a core initiative to their missions. Together, they've trained senior communication majors at Queens to educate underserved Charlotte residents in connectivity and digital media literacy.  Read More

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Queens Announces First Destination Report

The report's findings identify Queens as providing exceptional training, education and experiences to launch our students into successful futures. Read More

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Fall 2016 Knight School Dean's List Read More

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