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Dean's Welcome

Dr. Eric Freedman, DeanDr. Eric Freedman, Dean

Welcome to the James L. Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte. The Knight School provides students with an integrative learning environment, where the classroom and the real world meet. Our degrees are aligned with our overarching vision of being always current and always connected. Our energetic and inspiring faculty prepares students to become engaged citizens, advocates and leaders in the communities they serve. Whether in our major in Communication or our major in Journalism and Digital Media, we are training our students to be sophisticated information analysts, with a deep knowledge of how information flows, and the vocabulary and skills needed to make it meaningful.

With the generous support of the Knight Foundation, the School is positioned to become a leader in the study and development of digital and media literacy, and our degree programs reflect a commitment to giving individuals the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create digital media content in a networked environment. Our School of Communication is the only one in the nation to bear the Knight name, and we are honored by that privilege. Our School is differentiated by its emphasis on deploying technology to a civically engaged end. By bridging community engagement and new media innovation, our programs are unique among our peer institutions.

We are committed to helping our students understand, embrace and share the best practices in the communication field. Our degrees equip students to navigate multiple and merged media platforms, and provide them with the versatility necessary to succeed in a quickly evolving, growing and converging digital media environment. The curriculum moves across the historical, critical, theoretical and practical terrain of communication, and offers a broad liberal arts education alongside applied training in traditional and new media. We firmly believe that an education in the management of information and communication flow and a deep understanding of communication studies are key to succeeding in the twenty-first century marketplace. Our students graduate with the skills necessary to participate in a media-saturated, information-rich economy, and have the critical insight that is vital to the lively functioning of democratic institutions.

Beyond the walls of the classroom, we want our students to be informed and engaged digital citizens. We encourage them to communicate, create and innovate - to be dynamic agents of change. The faculty and students of the Knight School are working together to empower their communities, and are building sustainable media ecosystems to help them thrive.

I invite you to visit the Knight School to learn more about our curriculum and our work. Become a future leader in the communication field and join us in our mission.

Eric Freedman, Ph.D.
Dean, Knight School of Communication

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