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Digital Charlotte

Digital Charlotte

Digital Charlotte is a key component in the Knight School's goal to improve citywide digital and media literacy in Charlotte. The site serves as a virtual gathering place for community organizations, such as the schools, the libraries, city government, local industry, and local community service providers. As a resource guide, an educational space, and an arena for community-based activities, the website frames the greater Charlotte area as a connected learning laboratory.  Digital Charlotte is based on the premise that digital literacy skills are instrumental for creating educational and economic opportunities for all.  The ability to thrive in a networked environment, people need the ability to access, analyze and engage in critical thinking about the messages they receive and send.  They also need to know how to contribute to their local information ecosystem.

The site connects individuals to area-wide digital literacy workshops, helps them locate resources, and provides skill building tools, activities, and calls to action.

Designed by Queens students, faculty and staff in partnership with local civic agencies, Digital Charlotte is one of the first virtual gathering spaces in the United States to tailor digital media literacy programs for a specific community. The website is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which focuses on the advancement of informed and engaged communities.

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