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The Journal of Digital and Media Literacy

The Journal of Digital and Media Literacy (JoDML) offers a departure from the complicated, multisyllabic, jargon-laden language that readers sometimes associate with academic writing. It invites both scholars and the public to join the conversation about digital media literacy.

The journal helps the Knight School identify and understand the latest strategies advancing digital media literacy, and is an important tool in the school's work toward raising digital media literacy in Charlotte. The overarching goal is to be a national model for how universities can shape their local media ecosystems through applied digital and media literacy.

"We're not treating digital literacy and media literacy and civic engagement as distinct fields," says Dr. Alexis Carreiro, the journal's editor. "Our journal treats them as a merging field. We see this as an exciting opportunity to think through issues of digital media literacy and civic engagement together rather than apart."

The journal is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which focuses on the advancement of informed and engaged communities. Launched in February 2013, the JoDML is the first peer-reviewed academic journal published by Queens.

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