Media Learning Environments

Students in the Knight School of Communication have opportunities to produce media documents in on-campus studios, labs, and publications.

Knight-Crane Convergence Laboratory

The Alpo Franssila & Marjorie Knight-Crane Convergence Laboratory was made possible by the extraordinary generosity of Alpo Franssila & Marjorie Knight Crane, class of 1990. Read More

Digital Video Production

Communication students are "always on." Whether through cell phones, the Internet, or other kind of technology, our students are always connected to the global community. Students in the new Knight School of Communication are on the cutting edge of technological exploration through a variety of technology used inside and alongside classroom experiences. Read More

Chronicle Student Newspaper

The Queens Chronicle is a practicum in the Knight School of Communication which allows students interested in journalism, photography, layout, or editing to experience real world journalism. Queens Chronicle features sports, entertainment, news, and editorials. Read More

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