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Chronicle Student Newspaper

Queens Chronicle

The Queens Chronicle is part of Queens University of Charlotte's Knight School of Communication.  It is a student-led publication which allows students interested in journalism, photography, layout, or editing to experience real-world journalism.  It is a bi-weekly publication which features news, sports, entertainment, and editorials. Submissions are always welcome from any member of the Queens community in the form of letters to the editor.

Please visit in order to view online editions, archived issues, submit letters to the editor or story ideas and meet the staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Queens Chronicle?

You can sign up for the class COMM 213 or just stop by the newsroom in Barnhardt 116.

What are the prerequisites for the class?
First, you need COMM204 Introduction to News Writing and Editing.

Who teaches COMM 213?
Although the Queens Chronicle is a student-led paper, it is guided with the teaching of Ken Gepfert, Senior Vice President for public relations at Luquire George Andrews, Mike Weinstein, Features Editor for The Charlotte Observer, and Rick Curry, Student Media Advisor and graduate of the MA Comm Program at Queens.

Is Queens Chronicle only open to Journalism majors?
No, it is open to anyone interested in participating. 

Will the Queens Chronicle conflict with my other classes?
The class is conveniently offered at a time when most other classes are not held: Monday and Wednesday from 4:15 - 5:30.  

Are there leadership opportunities offered within the newspaper?
Opportunities for leadership include editorial and management positions in photography, layout, and design, as well as overall editorial positions.

Are there opportunities for journalism conferences?
Yes, the Queens Chronicle staff went to New York for a college media conference in the spring of 2008. The staff learned valuable journalistic techniques, photography suggestions, and proper layout and design practices. There are also opportunities to network with fellow Journalism majors and those already in the field.

What is the Queens Chronicle experience really like?
You'll get the chance to gain hands-on experience in interviewing, brainstorming, staff meetings, layout and design, photography, and learning journalistic integrity. Production weeks are hectic, just like in the real world. This is a real newspaper with real deadlines and roadblocks, but with the support of your fellow students, it is a great environment for learning and having fun.

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