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Digital Video Production

Learn more about the green roomCommunication students are "always on."  Whether through cell phones, the Internet, or other kind of technology, our students are always connected to the global community.   Students in the new Knight School of Communication are on the cutting edge of technological exploration through a variety of technology used inside and alongside classroom experiences.

In addition to the Knight-Crane Convergence Lab, our students benefit from several facilities to produce documents in a variety of media forms:

  • The Green Room - Located on the Dana Garden floor, the Green Room uses a Key Wall similar to what weathermen use to display the forecast . The room can digitally change the green background color to any background and is useful for multimedia Communication projects.  The room also contains a MacPro dual-quad core production computer for audio and video editing.
  • The Media and Technology Center - Also located in Dana Garden Level,  this lab includes several Mac and PC computers for students working on projects and internet access. This lab is open into the early evenings for student work.  Students may also check out EFP camera packages and other equipment to produce media for class projects.
  • Mobile Television Studio - Dana 110 is the home for a mobile three-camera mobile studio.  Dana 110 can be transformed from a classroom into a teaching television studio. The equipment can also be setup anywhere on campus in less than 30 minutes to record events.
  • Editing and Production Lab - Located on the second floor of the library for better student access, this booth includes a MacPro dual-quad core production computer for audio and video editing.
Dr. James Neale, the Director of Media and Learning Technology, manages all of the Knight School of Communication technology and is available for contact at
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