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Communication Careers

Valarie Udeh, MA graduate, Knight School of Communication

How can a MA in Communication enhance your career?

Students in the program come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but many hold positions in marketing, public relations, corporate communication, leadership development, organization development, training and consulting, human resources, and media production.

Course work and assignments are designed to provide instant, real-world applicability.  Students often report that they can apply new skills and course material the next day at work.

This degree will enhance your life and career by expanding your knowledge of organizational strategies, structures, and processes, as well enhance your competencies using the latest communication tools in a digital marketplace. The program offers you a chance to immerse yourself into personal areas of interest and discover where your passion lies.

When you finish this degree you will have learned:

  • To identify and understand the needs and motivations of different audiences and communities
  • To comprehend and leverage communication dynamics in various forms of media
  • To create and analyze meaningful messages and texts
  • To craft effective content, brands and visuals


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