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Kim Weller , Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor , Graduate Faculty
  • Knight School of Communication

Dr. Weller began her academic career in 1994 and has since taught over 20 different college courses focusing mainly in the field of organizational communication. She first joined Queens in 2001 as an adjunct instructor and has grown steadily more immersed in the Queens community, resulting in her joining the Knight School of Communication faculty as a full-time assistant professor in 2009. Dr. Weller's recent course offerings include Organizational and Employee Identity, Creativity and Innovation, Strategic Crisis and Issues Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Advocacy, and Expanding Communication Boundaries.

Dr. Weller's specialty area is organizational and employee identity and the transformative effects of an unprecedented rate of marketplace and communication technology change on individuals and business. She feels that true learning comes not only from finding the right answers, but from asking the right questions and critically examining the ways we choose to work and live. Dr. Weller believes tomorrow’s great ideas will come from embracing an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages risk taking, innovation, and identifying one’s passions. Her own passion is to help people create, implement, and market their ideas and enterprises.

Her professional experience includes advertising, public relations, marketing in the non-profit sector, and serving as an organizational communication consultant.


  • B.A.  - Speech Communication ; Vanderbilt University
  • M.A.  - Communication Studies; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ph.D.  - Communication Studies; University of South Florida


  • Faculty Appreciation Award, Master of Arts in Communication 2011 Knight School of Communication
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