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The last decade brought dramatic change to human communication. A hyper-connected global environment with ever-evolving digital and mobile forms of communication has transformed individuals, organizations, and societies in almost every industry and country. We are faced with unanticipated communication challenges and opportunities. Consistent with Queens' liberal arts tradition, the mission of the Knight School Master of Arts in Communication program is to prepare consumers and creators of communication messages to become engaged citizens, advocates and leaders in the communities they serve.

Curiosity, passion, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit are needed to solve today's communication problems and envision tomorrow's possibilities. By integrating multidisciplinary and boundary-breaking conceptions of communication, the Knight School MA in Communication program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking needed to explore a variety of communication issues and achieve greater rewards in their chosen futures.

The Knight School believes that the ability to ask the best questions and know where and how to look for evolving answers is the best way to prepare our graduates to contribute and succeed in today's complex world. Success in the MA in Communication program is not about finding the "right" answer, but about asking the right questions and developing the skills and approaches needed for continued and engaged learning throughout life.

We actively engage students in the classroom through a collaborative, safe learning environment in which they can ignite personal passions, gain valuable skills, and incubate new ideas. In their required courses, MA in Communication students hone their ability to access information, analyze and evaluate messages and texts, create content, reflect on social and ethical considerations, and engage in communities across all communication platforms. Then, students choose among context-specific electives to create an individualized plan of study that meets their interests and goals and allows them to develop mastery in a particular area. Students gain skills communicating with diverse audiences using a variety of traditional and digital platforms and examine topics such as interactive media, strategic communication with a global audience, organizational image and branding, and visual communication. Students also investigate a range of communication dynamics such as culture in a networked society, creativity and innovation, leadership and the management of meaning, and social entrepreneurship. Regularly scheduled special topic courses focus on emerging issues and technologies, allowing students to stay current with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. As part of its Knight Foundation grant, the Knight School is committed to providing students critical skills in accessing, analyzing, and creating content on a variety of digital platforms.

MA in Communication students complete the program by translating a personal passion into practice with a year-long project. They develop an original inquiry question about an important communication topic and/or challenge, allowing them to graduate with a completed project or initiative ready for implementation. Knight School MA in Communication students graduate prepared to make a difference, whether it is increasing organizational success, launching an entrepreneurial endeavor, or addressing a community or societal problem or need.

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