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Degree Requirements

Core Requirements- 18 hours

COM 601 Communication Fluency

COM 610 The Social Creation of Organizing

COM 613 Constructing Messages and Audiences

COM 616 Communicating Mindfully

COM 680 Expanding Communication Boundaries (COMM 680 should be taken in the Fall term immediately prior to COMM 681 in the Spring term of graduation)

COM 681 Launching Passion into Practice (Prerequisite: Successful completion of COMM 680 with a B or higher and approval of a final project proposal)

Plus an additional 18 hours of coursework chosen from the following courses:

Note: All elective options are available in the on-campus program. Students enrolled in the online program will complete the additional 18 hours in a set track * of online courses.

COM 624 Communication and Culture in a Networked Society*

COM 629 Leadership, Empowerment, and the Management of Meaning*

COM 634 Organizations, Technology and the Changing Nature of Work

COM 638 Strategic Communication for Global Audiences *

COM 642 Interactive Media and Storytelling

COM 646 Engaging Community in the Digital Age

COM 650 Independent Study

COM 655 The Mediated Self and Changing Relationships *

COM 658 Creativity and Networks *

COM 662 Mediated Constructions of the Life Cycle

COM 664 Organizational Identity and Brand *

COM 665 International Experience

COM 668 Special Topics in Communication (repeatable as needed)

COM 670 Directed Topics in Communication (1-3 hours; repeatable for a total of 6 hours)

COM 674 Social Entrepreneurship

COM 676 Visual Rhetoric and the Influence of Aesthetics

Class Scheduling

Courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer terms.  Each class typically meets once a week, either one weeknight from 6 - 8:45 p.m. or occasionally on a Saturday morning.  Summer courses offered over the long session (May-August) meet one night a week while summer courses offered over the short session meet two nights a week for approximately seven weeks.

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