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Digital Portfolio and Project

Digital Portfolio

As a Knight School MA in Communication student, you will be given the opportunity to develop two projects that will differentiate you from others in a competitive marketplace. 

Upon entering the Knight School, you will create a personal digital portfolio that will capture your learning and development as you proceed throughout the MA in Communication program, as well as showcase the wide variety of traditional and digital projects that you will develop as part of your coursework. 

These digital portfolios represent an excellent, creative way to show current and potential employers how the knowledge and skills developed in the program will allow you to contribute to the workplace and implement innovative ideas.

You will complete the program by translating a personal passion into practice with a year-long project or initiative that will be ready for implementation upon graduation.  You will explore an important communication topic and/or challenge that will prepare you to make a difference, whether it is increasing organizational success, launching an entrepreneurial endeavor, or addressing a community or societal problem or need.



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